Happy new year!

Posted on Sunday, January 1st, 2017 at 9:36 pm

2016 is finally out of the way and we’re now in 2017. Do you know what this means? Yep, another generic New Year’s Resolution post! I’ve never been particularly great at keeping New Year’s Resolutions, but I’m going to try my hardest this year (you’ve probably heard that one before, hiyooooo!). So, how do I plan to to improve myself this year? Here it goes!

Lose weight
The most generic of all New Years Resolutions, and one that has been my primary goal for a number of years. Age is catching up with me and I can’t really keep going at my current weight, so I need to make some lifestyle changes in regards to what I eat, obviously this means cutting out the crap. I’ve got my operation in 25 days and I plan to try and lose as much weight as I can before that to help things along. The recovery period will also probably see me not eating quite so much too. So I *should* be off to a good start with this one. This is by no means an easy one, I’ve worked out exercise and meal schedules to help me get started!

Be better with my money
I have quite a bit of disposal income compared to some people, but despite this I have been pretty poor with the handling of my money in past. I have bought items with little thought and have found myself dipping in to savings here and there that I managed to reduce one of my savings accounts by £2000 last year. I plan to put this money back this year, and then some. I’m going to try to avoid buying things that I don’t necessarily need, and the weight loss resolution should go hand-in-hand with this resolution in relation to how much I spend on (crap) food.

Update this place more
To be honest, since I restarted this blog I haven’t done too badly. I’ve been able to ensure that I post at least once or twice a month. But this year I plan to add to that, I would like to try and update here once or twice a week. Obviously this is dependent on how interesting life gets, so we shall see!

Get rid of my gallbladder
This sounds like an easy one, given that my operation to remove this is scheduled for the 25th January. But remember, I’ve had this procedure booked and cancelled twice since late 2015. It’s also Winter, so there’s a high probability that my local hospital’s services will be stretched in the coming weeks resulting in no beds being available and operations cancelled. I’m not holding my breath.

So there you go, four seemingly simple and mostly generic New Year’s Resolutions. Will I succeed? Come back here in a years time! 🙂

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