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Posted on Friday, December 23rd, 2016 at 12:14 am

Christmas is gradually creeping up upon us, and I’ve already bought myself a present! This year I bought myself an iPad Pro (9.7) as I was in the market for a new tablet. Despite previously being an IOS hater I have been pleasantly surprised by my experience so far.

To start off I’m going to point out that my iPad wasn’t ‘new’ new, as it were. I purchased it from Apple’s online refurbishment store, which allowed me to snap up the 128gb March 2016 for just over £10 less than the baseline 32gb model before pending cash back. This is my second time using the refurb store, the first being when I bought a nearly maxed out 13″ MacBook Air three years ago. Both the MacBook and iPad were in practically brand new condition thanks to Apple’s strict refurbishment process. With the exception of the box, it’s nigh on impossible to tell the difference between new and refurbished!

The reason why I decided the iPad was for me was down to the following points…

I like my Android vanilla, and the only competing stock Android (that I could find) was the Pixel-C. Reading around, this had pretty mixed reviews and it became clear that Google still hasn’t quite nailed the tablet-side of the Android OS, which was a bit of a deal-breaker for me.

Microsoft’s Surface is too busy trying to be a laptop replacement, which is something I really didn’t want. I wanted a fairly simple and clean tablet interface and with past experience Windows 8 & 10 has been pretty horrid for this, I loathe Metro UI with a passion!

Drawing, I plan to get back in to drawing on my iPad. While yes, Surface does offer this functionality, after watching a number of different videos made by various artists the iPad edged out the Surface for responsiveness and the way the pen (Apple Pencil) felt.

In the next year I will most probably be supporting a loooot of iPads and iPods at work, so I felt it would be beneficial to get to grips with the iOS operating system before I’m dropped in at the deep end.

Change is good in tech, I use Windows for my PCs at work and home, OSX for laptops and Android for mobile devices. So you could say I’m invested in all three main environments.

Now, what do I think? I’ve been pleasantly surprised by this device so far. The operating system is taking a bit of getting used to as I have been used to software buttons in Android for such a long time, going back to a physical home button was strange but it works incredibly well. Especially with the newly included bio metrics feature, which allows the device to read my finger print to unlock it. I was also surprised that Google is supporting iOS very well, Gmail replaced the stock Mail app due to issues I had with sync times. I’ve also got Chrome, but because I’m used to using Safari on my Macbooks I’m happy to use this.

From a productivity perspective the iPad has fared very well for me, I was able to watch Twitch streams using Picture in Picture mode while I wrote my ‘Saturday night wrist’ blog post the other night and did some Christmas shopping. It’s also worth noting that in the three hours I did this, I had only depleted 20% of the battery which is exceptionally good.

On paper the iPad looks pretty weedy in specifications in comparison to its Android counterparts, but damn it, Apple really knows how to optimise its software! This Android fan approves wholeheartedly.

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