.blog domain get! (Hrmph)

Posted on Thursday, November 24th, 2016 at 12:50 am

The .blog domain officially went live at some point yesterday and now I am the proud owner of peejay.blog and peejays.blog. At some point, these domains should point back here, but when, I don’t know. Good stuff, eh?

I was originally excited by the prospect of acquiring a ‘peejay’ domain as combination of years of domain saturation and an increasing number of ‘peejays’ in the world has made it difficult to acquire more relevant domain names for my blog. Despite managing to acquire two of the new .blog domains, I’m not too fond about the way WordPress have chosen to operate the service.

After fumbling my way around their website, I eventually found a way to log in (the site was devoid of useful information up until 24 hours after launch). Rather than being presented with the tools to manage my domain all I could do was tell them where my existing blog was located before they unhelpfully informed me that I would require help from a domain assistant to this up. In my opinion, this policy is ridiculous. I’ve owned and created various websites over the past fifteen years, I’m very capable of configuring my own domains.

After this pain I received a response to my assistance request (groans) just under 24 hours later advising me that they couldn’t configure forwarding (what?) and that they had passed the domain information buck on to my hosting provider so they can do the work, which could’ve been done by me in the first place.

The end of the 60 days “lock” period before I can transfer these domains – most probably at further cost – cannot come soon enough.

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