Overwatch: Sombra and Promoooooted!

Posted on Wednesday, November 16th, 2016 at 1:42 am

On the night that Sombra was finally unleashed on the Overwatch world I finally managed rank up to Platinum! After weeks of going up and down in score (doing as badly as the low-2100s) I finally managed to have a little luck. This was largely thanks to my 3-man group and the great teams we were matched up with this evening. Another factor in my opinion was Sombra herself!

I had feared just after the patch was released earlier this evening that my chances of achieving Platinum rank were slowly fading away. You see, when a new character is introduced they have potential to completely change the dynamics of the game. Team composition changes may be needed to counter the new character, especially since some of Sombra’s skills are pretty unique at this moment in time.

Much to everyone’s annoyance, Sombra can hack in to other characters wrecking havoc with their abilities. In my case as a Mercy main I found myself being denied the use of flying and my ultimate ability. As you can understand, this is a pain in the ass. Fortunately for me, most of the Sombra players I encountered were not particularly good, with team mates on both sides begging for would-be Sombras to switch to ANYTHING else! To be fair, it’s early days and I’m sure Sombra players will improve greatly and she will become a quintessential part of any team – just not today. 🙂

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