Overwatch: Thoughts of a Mercy player

Posted on Saturday, August 27th, 2016 at 1:54 pm

I’ve been hooked on Overwatch ever since it was released back in May. During that time, I have switched characters a few times and have worked out which character is the best fit for me. At the moment I alternate between D.Va (Tank) and Mercy (Support), with the latter being the most common choice for me. Unfortunately, after a few buffs and nerfs across the board Mercy isn’t chosen for support quite as often as others. Despite this I continue to persevere, much to the dismay of others. Below are my thoughts on this:

DO NOT tell me to switch support
Occasionally I will switch to Lucio to suit certain maps, but I am nowhere near as proficient with him as I am with Mercy. I also cannot play other support characters very well (I will learn one day… maybe). Mercy may not fit the meta for the map, but I am well aware of what I am capable of and can make it work under most circumstances with the exception of Lijiang Tower.

A dead Mercy cannot heal
If you can see that I am being harassed by a Tracer, Genji, McCree or Reaper etc. Please do SOMETHING to help me! I can’t heal or resurrect all the time I’m having to carry out constant evasive manoeuvres, although I do try my best. Sadly, I have found myself in the position where I’m being focus-attacked under the noses of my team mates on a number of occasions.

DO NOT tell me when to Rez
This is probably my biggest pet peeve when playing as Mercy. Every so often, a downed team mate will insist that I revive them. Unless you’re an extremely valuable team mate (e.g. a tank that’s kicking major ass on the point) it’s not going to happen. It’s extremely selfish to expect a resurrection to save a trip back from spawn when you haven’t been contributing much to the team play as a whole. These kinds of players, I find, are normally the arrogant overly-vocal players that are under the misguided impression that they are carrying the entire team when it is far from the truth.

Sods law also dictates that the moment I resurrect one play another 2, 3 or maybe 4 team mates will be eliminated in the seconds after.

The enemy does pay an awful lot of attention to what opposing Mercy players do. There is a far higher chance that the enemy team will co-operative initiate most if not all of their ultimates after the words “Heroes never die” have been spoken.

I do try my very best with this, but sometimes it’s not enough. You see, in the heat of battle it’s very easy not to heal absolutely everyone when everyone is taking a similar amount of damage at once. In my play style I try to flit between all team mates while drip-feeding just enough heals to keep my team on their feet. Again, the people that complain about lack of heals are also the ones that are outspoken, and most likely will charge on ahead while leaving the rest of the team behind. I’m a strong believer that if you leave the team behind, you’re on your own!

Fortunately for me, the issues I encounter with some other players are far and few between and seem to be limited to just the competitive mode. I’m not entirely sure if I’ll be playing in Season 2, which starts next month, but I will continue to be the dedicated Mercy support in Quick Play games as I’ve been enjoying the randomness. Who knows, maybe Ana or Zenyatta will be my main support characters one day!

An example of my (more suicidal) play style can be seen below. 🙂

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